Our limited edition Solidarité Rose Capsule supports breast cancer thrivers. Featuring signature MicroPerle™ compression technology, your second skin is designed to stimulate lymphatic flow, boost circulation, and support breast health—all without sacrificing your style. 10% of collection proceeds go towards Living Beyond Breast Cancer.


*Solidarité Rose is excluded from discounts and offers

  • "As a CLT, I’ve seen how many of my patients struggle with compression compliance over the years. I felt hopeful that there is a compression-wear line that is designed for an active lifestyle for anyone who may need extra circulatory support. For women who have gone through mastectomy like myself - our self image is challenged and being able to wear compression garments that are attractive, effective and comfortable, allow me to feel more normal after surgery."

    Emilia D (@the_lymph_therapist), OTD, CLT-LANA, CBIS

  • "I'm currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. One of my biggest side effects has been water retention. Since wearing Elastique, I have noticed a significant difference in reduction and prevention of edema from my water retention. I am so lucky to have found this product during this time and recommend to all women - especially to those undergoing treatment."


  • "The bras have been amazing to help with the lymphedema, a result of Breast Cancer treatment, on my chest wall. So glad I found Elastique Athletics."


  • "I am so lucky to have found Elastique. After dealing with lymphedema since my double mastectomy, it has been difficult to find a soft material that has enough compression under the arm. After learning the benefits of lymphatic drainage and bra support, I am thrilled to know that I can wear athletic clothing 7 days a week while supporting my health with Elastique. I am obsessed with the L’Original Bra and L’Original 27” legging. I can wear them all day! I wish I would have found them earlier!"

    Victoria S

  • "As a recent breast cancer thriver, I got the news that I have lymphedema in my chest. After wearing this, my measurements of swelling have gone down noticeably in a week. I hadn't had much movement until I wore this. Your line makes me feel like myself. I still get to wear the sporty tops and know I'm helping my body. I don't have to sacrifice my style and look like "the after cancer patient".

    Ashley K

    "We are honored to continue our partnership with LBBC with the launch of our first social impact collection the Solidarité Rose Capsule. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to bringing you the most valuable resources to help you live your healthiest lives, a commitment we share with LBBC which makes this partnership all the more powerful. The Solidarité Rose collection was designed as a way to proudly support you, your mother, sister, daughter, best friend, neighbor as we are all united in the fight for a breast cancer free life."

    - Emeline, Founder & CEO of Elastique