How are these different from other compression leggings?
We worked with leaders in the medical community to get the compression just right, but our leggings are made for day to day use so they’re easier to put on than prescribed garments. Our leggings feature 8-13 mmHG of compression.

Our goal was to develop a second skin to make you feel amazing, both in and out of your leggings. Our compression pieces come with a bonus: MicroPerle™ beads placed in French-milled fabrics to simulate a lymphatic drainage massage each time you move in them – eliminating fatty build up and helping rid the body of toxins. This helps improve the look and feel of your skin.

Will I feel the massaging beads?
Not necessarily... Some people have experienced a tingling sensation after their first wear. This is just your body getting used to the compression boosting your blood flow!

The beads are made to be comfortable and non-irritating. Just keep in mind, they can leave little marks on your skin due to the compression. This is completely normal! They should fully disappear within the hour.

What are the beads made of?
Hypoallergenic silicone.

Did I get the right size?
Our leggings are designed with certified compression, which can be a new experience. Compression is used by athletes to boost workouts and help prevent injury. It also holds everything in and is extremely flattering! Still, our pieces run true to size. If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

And here's a little tip for putting your leggings on: Step into them just as you would tights or hosiery, one foot at a time and adjust slowly up the leg to the waist. Here’s how our sizing works.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out and chat with one of our fit experts: bonjour@elastiqueathletics.com.

How long, or how often, should I wear them?
Wear them to your liking! But our clinical study found 45 minutes 3x a week during activity is all you need to get the most out of them.

How do I wash and care for my pieces?
Life is hectic — caring for your clothes shouldn’t be! Machine wash cold (we recommend a gentle cycle) with regular detergent and like colors.

Keep out of dryer! True compression has a lifespan of 6 months; putting your pieces in the dryer will only shorten this.

Can I put them in the dryer?
Avoid the dryer! This will only minimize their durability, and ultimately, their lifespan (which is generally 6 months for true compression garments). Lay them flat or toss them over a handy chair — they won’t lose their shape!

How soon can I expect my order to ship?
We're working hard to get your order out the door as soon as possible! Please allow orders to be fulfilled and shipped within 48 hours of placing it.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Once your order has been placed, you’ll need to cancel the entire order if you would like to add or remove an item. We’re happy to accommodate within one hour of placing the order, so you have this window to cancel. Please reach out to bonjour@elastiqueathletics.com to do so.

Can I return or exchange my leggings?
You can find our return & exchange guidelines here.