The luxury of lymphatic massage...in activewear. We call it wellnesswear.

Say bonjour to MicroPerle™

Strategically placed micromassage beads boost your body's natural lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins & fatty buildup – giving your skin a beauty workout that's more than skin deep

Tested and loved by the leading lymphatic expert

"I've spent my entire adult life working as a lymphatic health therapist, practitioner, educator and activist. What I've learned in the past 25 years is that when you take care of your lymphatic system (AKA your immune system!) you will look better and feel better from the inside out.

I recommend Élastique leggings to all my clients and friends because they are the only legging company in the world that got the equation right: Comfortable compression leggings that target your thighs and tush to shape and sculpt the parts of your body most vulnerable to stagnation and toxic build up.”

Lisa Levitt Gainsley, CLT

"At first, I was a little unsure about the fabric. It wasn't what I was expecting. After wearing the leggings for a few weeks, I realized they really do make a difference and my skin is smoother. I wasn't expecting a noticeable difference. It is amazing!"


“I’m obsessed with these leggings. Now I put on other brands, which I used to think were flattering, and I don’t look or feel nearly as good. I finally feel confident in my workouts and am able to wear my cute crop tops!”


"I live in leggings. What makes me feel less guilty about it is knowing these are helping release toxins from my body and supporting lymph drainage."


"The compression in your leggings kept my legs feeling great (I was a minute faster in my race than my practice runs!) and I've had ZERO hamstrings/quad pain since the half!!! I'm HOOKED!"


 "I love them so much! I haven't taken them off and I already want another pair...Feeling like my booty looks so good in these!"



We don't know if true balance exists, but we believe in the importance of a full life. Life is made for enjoying – good friends, good food, good wine, good workouts.

We set out to give you a wellness solution that fits seamlessly into your busy day and works to give you healthy skin from within. 

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