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The MicroPerle™ Collection

Featuring Our Patented Micro Massage Beads

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The Lisse Collection

Performance Tuned Compression without MicroPerle Beads

Don't just take it from us...

After wearing the leggings for a few weeks, I realized they really do make a difference and my skin is smoother. I wasn’t expecting a noticeable difference. It is amazing!

Instantly make you feel sculpted and toned.

The material of these leggings is superior to anything I have ever felt. They truly are luxurious.

I’ve definitely noticed a difference with my body during workouts and the next day's workout. The post recovery is AMAZING! 

As someone who suffers from lipedema, these leggings are so beneficial (and insanely flattering!).

A smiling women standing with hands on hips in green leggings and bra top. Compression call outs. Things 8-10 mmhg, ankle to knee 12-13 mmhg.

Performance Tuned Compression - The Lisse Collection

The Lisse Collection, in pine green. Featuring our best-in-class graduated compression technology. Supportive gradient compression boosts circulation and reduces muscle oscillation and fatigue - optimizing performance and recovery. Tomorrow's workout is only a day away, consider this your secret weapon to looking great, feeling great, and unlocking your best self.

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Massaging MicroPerle Beads

Massaging MicroPerle Beads

Our patented MicroPerle™ beads are mapped to the body’s lymphatic vessels. Combined with compression, each one applies gentle pressure to encourage proper lymphatic return.

Our beads are strategically located where lymph stagnation can cause orange peel skin, or cellulite. Think of it as a mini lymphatic drainage massage while you move. Voilà!

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The best secrets should be shared

The best secrets should be shared

While searching for a way to make self-care more efficient, new mom Emeline came across our body's most powerful built-in detox system, the lymphatic system.

She set out to create a wearable wellness tool to help women prioritize their well-being, while still being able to enjoy the best parts of life!