Don't just take it from us...

  • After wearing the leggings for a few weeks, I realized they really do make a difference and my skin is smoother. I wasn’t expecting a noticeable difference. It is amazing!


  • Instantly make you feel sculpted and toned.


  • The material of these leggings is superior to anything I have ever felt. They truly are luxurious.


  • I’ve definitely noticed a difference with my body during workouts and the next day's workout. The post recovery is AMAZING! 


  • As someone who suffers from lipedema, these leggings are so beneficial (and insanely flattering!).


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    MicroPerle Collection

    Micro-massage + gradient compression = efficiently optimized circulation.

    Consider it a wearable massage!

    Lisse Compression

    Gradient compression precisely engineered to boost circulation.

    second skin for all-day wear.

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