Self-care: The French Way

Self-care: The French Way

We are all about balancing our love for others with a bit of time and care for ourselves. One piece of motherhood advice that has stuck with me the most is “The best thing you can do for your children is remember to take care of yourself.”

Just as the airline attendants tell us to put on our oxygen mask before assisting others, there’s only so much we can do for our loved ones if we aren’t our best selves. It’s easy to let slide, but I've tried to make a habit of finding even the simplest of moments and turning them into routine.

Set aside some time and try one of our favorite ways to show your lymphatic system a little love – the best way we know how, the French way.

We’re all about honesty over here and dry brushing is something we have a love/hate relationship with. It has wonderful benefits but is time consuming to do every day and isn’t always the most comfortable for those with sensitive skin. When you have a few minutes on the weekend or in the morning – it can be one of the best things to jump start your day. This brush is known for being sensitive skin-friendly.

You’ve heard this before! It’s so easy. But why is everyone doing it? The lymphatic system is 96% water. If you’re dehydrated, it has a harder time doing its job. Adding lemon is a great way to make your water a little more interesting and get a few more benefits out of it: soluble fiber, digestive support and vitamin C to help inflammation.

So you don’t have time (or the gift card) for a day at the spa. That’s ok! Just a few minutes of self massage will get your lymphatic system working for you. For this, we always turn to a trusted source and dear friend – Lisa Gainsley of The Lymphatic Message. Here’s a simple routine.

This one may be new to you. Some people consider leeks to be a superfood. They come packed with flavonoids, vitamins A, E, and K, and fibers. They are also a mild diuretic, which helps with water retention. Try this cozy bowl of wellness.

And if all else fails, your Élastique pieces offer a nice little micro-massage as you move around the house, from errand to errand, or even off to dinner!




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