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Expert View: Enhancing Wellness with Dr. Amanda Kahn

In our latest installment of "Expert View," we had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Amanda Kahn, a renowned expert in the field of health and wellness, to discuss the vital roles of microcirculation, the lymphatic system, and their impact on weight loss and overall health.

Dr. Amanda Kahn was born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan which gives her a keen understanding of the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of health, beauty and wellness. After graduating magna cum laude from Columbia University with a BA in ecology and environmental biology, she matriculated at Weill Cornell Medical College where she earned her MD degree.

Elastique: What is microcirculation? How does this pertain to your lymphatic system? 

Dr. Amanda Kahn: Microcirculation contains the body's smallest vessels which make up the endpoint of the circulatory system. It consists of the actual site of diffusion for vital nutrients and oxygen from the bloodstream into the tissues at the microscopic level. It provides the necessary substrates for cellular activity within organs and tissues, including the skin, while sweeping away metabolic waste products. The small lymphatic vessels, which are a part of the microcirculation pathway, help drain fluid from tissues so that it can be collected and pumped by vessels of macrocirculation. Microcirculation is crucial to support because it is the basic unit of the entire circulatory system. Without the delicate balance of microcirculation, our cells and tissues could not exchange molecules needed for optimal cellular functioning.

Elastique: What are ways you can improve microcirculation? 

Dr. Amanda Kahn: Ways to improve microcirculation include living a healthy lifestyle: exercising at least 75 minutes a week, staying well-hydrated, and avoiding processed foods. 

I recently learned that wearing an elastique garment is another targeted way to improve microcirculation. One of the most interesting and groundbreaking features of the elastique microperle is that it is clinically shown to increase microcirculation of the skin through gentle pressure and massage.. 

Elastique: Why is it important to take a multi-prong approach to weightloss?

Dr. Amanda Kahn: Weight is a multifactorial issue, so it is important to approach it holistically in a personalized way. There is no 'one-size-fits-all plan' for each patient I see, nor one magic solution. In addition to addressing diet and exercise, and overall lifestyle, I evaluate familial predispositions, nutritional status, medication exposures, hormone levels, environmental and psychosocial stressors, sleep and mood. 

Elastique: When assessing a new patient, where do you start with a plan for weight loss? 

Dr. Amanda Kahn:I always start by evaluating where people have struggled with reaching their goals. Each goal is very patient specific, so I give patients the autonomy to tell me where they feel their best weight-wise. Most of my patients already feel that they are maximizing their diet and exercise without seeing results. We now know that obesity has genetic, hormonal and psychologic components, representing a paradigm shift in weight management. We no longer espouse the overly simplified "eat less, move more" mantra. Weight loss medication can allow the diet and exercise interventions to start to work in the patient's favor, but of course, medication is just one tool.

Elastique:How does supporting your lymphatic system support your weight loss plans?

Dr. Amanda Kahn: Lymphatic health is crucial to any weight management plan. When the lymphatic system is dysfunctional, weight gain can occur through altered fat transport and abnormal fat deposition within tissues. With fat cell reduction, we want to optimize the lymphatic system's role in removing cellular waste and fluid build up.

At the same time, losing weight is critical for a healthy functioning lymphatic system. Increased weight exerts pressure that impairs the ability to clear fluid. Based on recent research, fat cells have been shown to release inflammatory signals that can damage delicate lymph structures. 

Elastique:How do you know when it may be time to add in a supplement to your diet?

Dr. Amanda Kahn: It is always a good time to add anti-aging and longevity supplements like NAD+ and glutathione (except with certain conditions, like pregnancy). Patients report increased energy, mood, cognition and skin benefits. I also love adding Magnesium to help with muscle cramping, anxiety and sleep. 


Elastique: What has been your first impression wearing Elastique? 

Dr. Amanda Kahn: I was immediately surprised by how supportive the compression was and how my legs and skin felt cradled and comforted. I felt compressed in all of the right places so to speak, without feeling like they were too tight or digging in. The material felt very thick and luxurious. As I continued wearing the garments for exercise, I welcomed the gentle massage of the micropearles which soothed my skin and muscles. By wearing elastique, I felt I was doing something beneficial for my body.

Elastique:Who would you recommend to try Elastique? 

Dr. Amanda Kahn: I recommend elastique to ALL of my patients, particularly those interested in anti-aging, weight management, body contouring, improving skin integrity and reducing cellulite. Given the importance of the body's microcirculation, incorporating elastique into a healthcare plan is a great way to support optimal cellular functioning within tissues.


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