Meet the Founder: Emeline

Meet the Founder: Emeline

Growing up in France, the allure of beauty – and the secrets to achieving it – were all around. My mother and grandmother would flip through the iconic “Femme Actuelle” to learn the latest tips and tricks. And like many other French girls, my mother made my first appointment with her esthetician in my early teens.

After school, I would spend hours watching my “mamie” (French for 'grandma') fit women for compression garments like bras, corsets and hosiery at the pharmacy where she worked. I was drawn to the world of beauty and wellness early on.

As a busy new mom adapting to life in The States, I wasn’t feeling like myself physically and self-care wasn’t exactly a priority with two little ones. After using much of my precious and limited time trying the latest trends to look and feel better, I wasn’t finding a solution – especially one that was clean or non-invasive. So, I went to work.

I made it my mission to construct a wellness solution that not only worked, but that worked for women’s busy lives. I spent four years crafting our first legging, l’Original.

This is about so much more than looking our best. A wise woman once told me the best gift you can give your children is the gift of taking care of yourself. And our unique combination of compression & micromassage does just this. It works to give you healthy skin from within...

It’s quickly becoming apparent that lymphatic health is the gateway to overall health. It drives our immune systems and leads to healthier, more radiant and toned skin. My hope is for these leggings to be a small, but meaningful, part of your wellness journey.

Our philosophy is joie de vivre. We want women to live, eat, dance, enjoy – knowing that we’re giving you a little boost. It’s all part of the good life: Bienvenue!

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