Lisse Bra

Lisse Bra

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The newest long-line bra in our signature Radiant compression fabric. Supportive compression boosts circulation and reduces bounce offering medium support - optimizing performance and recovery. Tomorrow's workout is only a day away, consider this your secret weapon to looking great, feeling great, and unlocking your best self.

  • Designed to hold you perfectly during your intense spin class or your favorite hike.
  • Pocket inserts for optional removable cups.
  • Clean finished neckline for a sleek look.
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Product details & care

  • OEKO-TEX Certified Fabric sourced in France
  • 57% Polyamide, 43% Elastane
  • Stretch 360°
  • UV Protection: UPF 50+
  • Machine wash on cold, gentle cycle; do not bleach; lay flat to dry
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Elastique’s graduated compression applies more and less compression to areas of the body that need it most - increasing arterial blood flow back to the body’s core.


More circulation during and post workout means more oxygen and rich nutrients are delivered to the muscles and vital organs. This allows you to perform better, recover better, and ultimately feel better.


Increasing performance. Decreasing percieved muscle soreness. How? Reducing muscle oscillation. Compression aids in minimizing excess muscle movement and vibration, and thus improving the muscle’s ability to perform and repair itself.

True Compression

Many brands say they're compression wear. We really are! Our leggings feature a compression range of 8-13 mmHg.

We source our fabric from one of the top compression mills in France. Our leggings are designed with a gradient pattern—which means tighter at the ankle and looser up the leg—to encourage blood flow back up to the heart.

Backed by Science

We do the research, we check the science, we craft the products… so you don’t have to.

• Certified compression
• Clinically-tested to visibly improve skin's texture