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L'Original Long Sleeve Bodysuit

L'Original Long Sleeve Bodysuit

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The latest addition to our L’Original collection! L’Original Long Sleeve Bodysuit is crafted with premium, non-toxic French fabric and performance-tuned compression from wrist to shoulder to enhance blood flow and muscle recovery. This bodysuit features our patented MicroPerle™ bead technology in the sleeves that stimulates lymphatic flow. Consider it a wearable massage!

Color: Black
Size: Xs



Enhances blood circulation, reduces swelling and fatigue, and provides targeting muscle support. This contributes to quicker recovery and minimizes muscle soreness.

Reduced swelling and fatigue

Compression prevents blood pooling in veins, and reduces swelling and discomfort, particularly for those who stand or sit for long periods. Improved circulation, enhancing overall comfort and well-being.

More energy

Enhanced lymphatic drainage helps eliminate waste products and toxins from the body, promoting increased energy.

Joint and tendon support

Compression sleeves not only provide support to tendons and ligaments around the elbow, potentially reducing the risk of overuse injuries and strains, but they also offer mild joint stability, aiding in stabilizing the elbow and surrounding structures. This dual benefit can be particularly useful for individuals with joint conditions or those engaged in activities that stress the elbow joint.

Product details and care

OEKO-TEX Certified Fabric sourced in France

UV Protection: UPF 50+

Fabric Details

Hypoallergenic Resin MicroPerle™ Beads

Stretch 360°

Product care

Machine wash on cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach; lay flat to dry.

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