An Interview With Dr. Jess - From Passion to Practice

An Interview With Dr. Jess - From Passion to Practice

Dive into our conversation with a trailblazing physical therapist whose early passion for community wellness shaped their career. Our interview with Dr. Jess discusses how she uses the Generator Method, a unique wellness protocol that merges scientific insight with practical health solutions.

Discover how this method not only challenges common recovery myths but also provides a holistic approach to enhancing both physical and mental health. Through personal stories and professional experiences, learn about the transformative impact of dedicated healthcare innovation.


1. Tell us about your path to becoming a physical therapist, what or who has inspired you in this career path? 


My purpose and passion in life has always been to improve the health and wellness in the lives of the communities I serve. This is something I discovered about myself when I was 12 years old. When I discovered this inner fire and drive to help others, I pursued a career in Physical Therapy. I traveled to follow the best mentors to learn the best techniques to help heal the body.



2. Tell us about The Generator Method — when creating a well rounded approach to wellness, what was something you knew you had to provide for your community? 


After having my own practice for many years, it dawned on me that I wanted to help more people! That is when the vision of Generator came into my mind. How amazing would it be to have a facility that empowered people and taught them how to help themselves through the use of our science backed wellness protocols that I designed with my husband and co-founder, Delfin Ward, also a therapist. We have been open for 5 years at Seaholm and have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. What an amazing feeling to have a business that improves the lives in your community. We could not ask for a more rewarding business. Our protocols are designed to decrease pain and inflammation, boost mood and decrease anxiety, improve performance, help with sleep and overall wellbeing. Our recovery protocol begins with use of infrared sauna, followed by contrasting between hot and cold plunge pools and finishes with lymphatic massage Normatec devices and whole body vibration. We also have therapeutic massage and semi private personal training sessions. 


3. What is a big misconception you hear about recovery? 


That is is only for athletes which is absolutely untrue! We could all benefit from recovery. Recovery is not just physical, it's largely mental, too, and our protocols are shown to elevate hormones responsible for mood and overall well-being.


4. What is one tip you would offer someone who is beginning their wellness or recovery routine?


Start slow and ease it. Start incorporating it into your weekly routine, and that may mean simply adding just one or two hours a week of recovery to your weekly routine.


5. What is your experience with lymphatic health, are there any practices you have adopted to your routine? 


I have studied lymphatic health for over 20 years and have taken coursework specific to lymphatic health during my studies in my undergrad and doctorate. It has always been very fascinating to me! Personally, I exercise, ingest lemon himalayan water every morning, infrared sauna daily adding dry brushing, cold plunge and contrast hot/cold plunge and or cold/hot showers daily, and practice deep breathing to address my lymphatic system health daily.


6. When it comes to compression for performance and recovery, how would you share the benefits?


We are huge compression socks believers at Generator! We have our own Generator graduated compression socks at Generator that we sell and share the benefits of to our clients.


7. (After wearing Elastique for a workout or all day) How does it feel to wear Elastique's MicroPerle technology combined with gradient compression?


I have had a recent knee injury and after wearing the leggings all day yesterday I noticed my knee was noticeably less swollen! I was amazed!

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