Why We're Unique

It’s about time leggings were designed to work as hard as you do. 

As women, we tend to take care of ourselves in addition to others. Time and wellness are important and often limited, so we’ve come up with a unique solution wrapped in a beautiful design to help you get the most out of your exercise routine.

While you’re on the move, compression and micro-massage come together inside our silky-soft fabric to boost your circulation, speed your muscle recovery, and help your skin look smooth.

We developed our MicroPerle™ technology to simulate lymphatic massage while you move.

Think of our lymph system as the wellness highway of our bodies. It transports waste away from the tissues and is key to eliminating toxins and fighting infections. Micromassage helps keep these highways from getting congested and offers an added boost of circulation to improve the appearance of, as we French call it, orange peel skin.

So…Run… Spin… Walk…Dance.  Lift those weights – or your bébés. These beautifully constructed leggings are designed to support your busy lifestyle while adding the benefits of compression and lymphatic flow. Consider it a spa-like experience that goes with you.

Think about it. We’ve swapped out manual toothbrushes for electric ones. We’ve ditched our simple washcloths for spin brushes. Why wouldn’t we slide into leggings that help us get the most out of our fitness routines?

It's time for leggings that leave you feeling just as good out of them as you do in.