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Lisse 27" Leggings

Lisse 27" Leggings

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Performance-tuned compression for better blood flow and muscle recovery features premium, non-toxic fabrics from France. The Lisse leggings can be comfortably worn for long periods of time for any occasion.

Does not include MicroPerle.

Color: Black
Size: Xs


Gradient compression

 8-13 mmHg from ankle to hip improves blood flow, reduces swelling and fatigue, and supports muscles, leading to faster recovery and less muscle soreness.

Reduced swelling and fatigue

Compression prevents blood pooling in veins, and reduces swelling and discomfort, particularly for those who stand or sit for long periods. Improved circulation also alleviates tired, achy legs, enhancing overall comfort and well-being.

More energy

Enhanced lymphatic drainage helps eliminate waste products and toxins from the body, promoting increased energy.

Enhanced proprioception and balance

Compression wear improves proprioception, which may lead to better coordination and performance during activities.

Product details and care

OEKO-TEX Certified Fabric sourced in France

UV Protection: UPF 50+

57% Polyamide, 43% Elastane

Stretch 360°

Product care

Machine wash on cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach; lay flat to dry.

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